Ford, Kingsford Products Reach Agreement with State on Kingsford Study Area

The State of Michigan, Ford Motor Company and The Kingsford Products Company have reached agreement on a Consent Judgment regarding long-term environmental response and monitoring activities in the Kingsford Study Area. Since 1998, the companies have been cooperatively working with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), local officials and the community to address issues associated with their historical operations in Kingsford. The companies have been implementing appropriate response programs within the area to address environmental conditions including methane, groundwater and several former disposal areas.

The Consent Judgment sets out an overall approach for assuring the ongoing effectiveness of the companies' environmental response strategy. As part of the future environmental response, the companies operate and maintain a groundwater treatment plant, complete methane venting activities, and offer vapor control systems for appropriate structures within the area.

The Consent Judgment, which builds upon the significant progress that the companies have already achieved, formalizes a comprehensive framework for the long-term operation and monitoring of the companies' environmental response programs within the area.

Ford Motor Company and The Kingsford Products Company will continue to coordinate with local officials and the community, and will keep the public informed and involved.

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